E-Commerce: How to Choose and Integrate Payment Gateways

Integrating payment gateways into your business is very important if you want to have a successful e-commerce solution. This article will give you a solid understanding of how to choose and integrate payment gateways into your e-commerce system.

First, you need to understand what exactly payment gateways are. They’re basically gateways between your payment gateways and the credit card processing system. They make it easier for you to accept credit cards online.

There are different kinds of gateways available in the market. These include point of sale gateways, electronic check gateways, cloud gateways, and e-payment gateways.

There are many payment gateways, but we will be focusing on point of sale gateways. They are usually plug and play solutions that are easy to install and configure, and they enable your users to use your website without installing anything on their end.

Point of sale gateways (also known as a POS) are your gateway into processing credit cards online. With these gateways, you can accept credit cards online with or without an Internet connection, and you can store and send payment card details over the Internet.

To be able to process credit cards online with this kind of gateway, you need to install a gateway and some kind of server-side software that stores and transmits the card details. The server-side software normally comes with the gateways. It is a piece of software that executes the appropriate actions when a payment is received.

There are two things you must consider when choosing and integrating payment gateways. The first is the fee for the setup and maintenance of the gateway. If you want to pay high fees, then you’re paying too much for your gateway.

The second thing you must consider is the application logic. If the application logic of the gateway is sub-optimal, then it could affect the overall performance of your website.

Point of sale gateways are not the only kind of gateways available in the market. There are also mobile gateways, payment gateway servers, and the like.

When you’re choosing and integrating payment gateways, make sure that you get a single gateway to support all of your merchants. You should choose a platform that supports both static and dynamic applications. This will ensure that you don’t lose track of the traffic coming from your site.

Do not forget to consider security when you’re choosing and integrating payment gateways. Once the server-side application is set up, you should ensure that you have a strong password management mechanism in place so that unauthorized users cannot access your gateways.

So, in conclusion, how to choose and integrate payment gateways into your e-commerce solution? Read more on my blog.